How to create websites

at Codes in html we will discuss how to create websites. we offer you to learn many web languags like html, css, xml, Java Script and php. many people think that website coding is very difficult to learn but on our site you can learn all web languages very easily. you can select any web language tutorial below and start learning how to create a website.

Learn HTML

HTML is very easy to learn. to create a website knowledge html is must.

Learn More About html
Learn HTML5
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HTML5 is new version of HTML.

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Learn CSS
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CSS is design to give attractive look to HTML pages.

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Learn css3

Image 01CSS3 almost work like css an upgrade version of css.

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Learn Java Script

Image 02Java Script is Scripting Language also gives attractive looks to websites.

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Learn PHP
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with PHP you can create a functional and dynamic website.

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